How to operate a front end loader efficiently?


I am a junior wheel loader operator  and I want to know more skills about how to use a front end loader.

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  1. As a widely used engineering construction machinery, the operation method of front end loader has become a serious topic. Especially we found that there are many construction site accidents because of the irregular operation method.

    So today, we will share 15 efficient tips on how to operate a front end loader safely. And we really hope to attract the attention of loader operators.

    #1: Before the loader starts normally, you should send out the necessary sound signals to warn pedestrians and other vehicles. At the same time, raise the bucket by 500mm from the ground. During driving, you should test the reliability of the brakes and avoid roadblocks or high voltage lines intentionally.

    Most importantly, the front end loader does not take other personnel except the normal operator and absolutely disallow to carry people with the wheel loader bucket.

    #2: When the front wheel loader is driving at high speed, you should keep the front-wheel drive. However, when it comes to low-speed scooping, you should operate it for four-wheel drive. In addition, it is important to avoid sudden steering and sharp turn or emergency braking after loading.

    #3: In the process of the articulated wheel loader is loading, you need to determine the loading amount according to the density of materials. On the other hand, the driver should lift the loader arm to turn the bucket and reduce the speed of action.

    #4: The backhoe boom should be placed in the floating position to push the bucket smoothly when front end wheel loader is working on the loose and uneven site. However, if the backhoe boom moves up or down to the maximum limit, you must return the joystick to a neutral position.

    #5: As a good operator, you should not push the handle too hard in any case. Similarly, you cannot descend the loader arm quickly when it is full of weight.

    #6: Don’t lift the bucket to the highest position to transport materials. Keep smooth of front end loader in the driving process.

    #7: During carrying out loading or excavation, it is necessary to avoid partial loading of the bucket. After the bucket is full of material, you should lift bucket booms of the front end loader by 500mm from the ground before turning back to unload.

    #8: Stop loading immediately wheel slip occurs because of large shovel loading resistance.

    #9: Before unloading materials to the dump truck, it is advisable to reduce the unloading height.

    #10: It is forbidden to touch the working part or overhaul under the loader is working. Before repairing the work device, descend it to the lowest position. At the same time, it is necessary to put some square timbers under the suspended part. In terms of maintenance, do not stand between the front and rear frame for related operations. Especially before the articulated wheel loader bogie is not locked.

    #11: Unloading on the side slope, Keep the distance between the tire and the edge more than 1.5m. If the slope is greater than 30 degrees, do not unload with tip forward.

    #12: The water temperature of internal combustion engine should not exceed 95 ℃ when it works. Meanwhile, torque converter oil temperature should be lower than 120 ℃.

    #13: Stop operating the wheel loader immediately if any of the following occurs. For instance, the soil quality in the construction area is unstable, collapse, thunderstorm and flash flood.

    #14: If the operator leaves the cab, land the bucket and shut off the engine, please.

    #15: At the end of working, the operator should drive the wheel loader to a safe area. Then, put the bucket flat on the ground and the handle in the neutral position. Leave construction site after closing the door and window of the cab certainly.

    The original link: 15 Tips On How To Operate A Front End Loader Safely

    Life for us or others is only once. Many accidents happen because we always think “No, it’s impossible”. Therefore, we must receive front end loader training before operating it. This is not only the professional requirement of the loader driver, but also our responsibility for families.

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