Which is better for a small business owner, a wheel loader or a backhoe loader?


How to choose?

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  1. Wheel loader is widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydropower, ports, mines and other construction projects, it is mainly used to shovel soil, sand, lime, coal and other loose materials, but also for ore, hard soil and other light shovel excavation operations.

    Different auxiliary devices can also be installed for earth moving, lifting and other materials such as wood loading and unloading operations. In road construction, especially in high-grade highway construction, the loader is used for subgrade engineering filling and excavation, asphalt mixture and cement concrete yard aggregate and loading operations.

    In addition, it can also be used for pushing soil, scraping the ground and pulling other machinery. Because the loader has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, good mobility and light operation, it has become one of the main types of the earthwork construction machine.

    Backhoe loader, as the earthmoving machine that excavates material above or below the loading surface with a bucket and loads it into a transport vehicle or unloads it to a dump site. Backhoe loader excavates mainly soil, coal, sand and soil and rock after pre-loosening.

    So you can choose wheel loaders or backhoe loaders according to the soil and project characteristics of the construction site.

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